And this is the cereal that has the closest link with the life forces and remains green for longer. The oat crop is lost in the mists of time: in general, goes back to the Chinese, the Egyptians and Indians.

The Greeks used it for medicinal purposes, as a tonic and anti-inflammatory. It seems that the plant had been imported to Italy by the Legionaries of Julius Caesar during their stay in Gaul and Germany, the soldiers had noticed that the indigenous people made him a very wide use: used to make bread and polenta.

Tacitus attributed to the plant great qualities: he wrote that, thanks to the high amount of oats ingested, individuals of the Germanic peoples were dying very late age, after living a life free from disease.

The apartment is located on the ground floor and is in accordance with the law and accessible to the disabled or handicapped and has a kitchen, a bedroom with a sofa bed and bathroom.

Sleeps: 2 +2

Minimum stay: 3 days



The apartments "Spelt" and "Oats" could become one apartment for friends and big families!


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